Advanced Pregnancy Planning Kit (Gold Package)

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Advanced Pregnancy Planning Kit (Gold Package)

The Set Contains:

1. Preseed - is a glycerin-free formula that will not limit or damage sperm, unlike other leading spermicidal lubricants and is recommended by leading fertility experts and used in fertility clinics worldwide.

  • Developed by a female doctor
  • Mimics your body’s natural fertile fluids
  • Glycerin-free
  • Will not limit or harm sperm like leading lubes
  • Recommended by fertility experts
  • Used in fertility clinics
When should I use Pre-Seed if I am trying to get pregnant?

When trying to conceive (TTC), Pre-Seed Fertility-Friendly Lubricant is perfectly suitable for use any time your have sexual intercourse and want to supplement and support your lubrication and moisture levels. Applying Pre-Seed internally enables the lubricant to act like your body’s own fluids, making for a natural smooth feeling during intercourse, as the isotonic formula ensures that Pre-Seed is less irritating to the sensitive issues of intimacy than other market leading lubricants.


2. Clearblue Advanced Digital Ovulation Tests (10)  -  Typically identifies 4 fertile days, twice as many as any other ovulation test, so increasing your window of opportunity to get pregnant.

  • Typically identifies your 4 best days to get pregnant…2 more than any other ovulation test
  • Is the only ovulation test to accurately track 2 key fertility hormones
  • Identifies a wider fertility window, so you have more opportunities to get pregnant naturally
  • Is over 99% accurate*
  • Can adjust every day you test according to your unique hormone profile
  • Easy to use – natural and non-invasive urine test
  • Gives unmistakably clear digital results displayed as a smiley face 
  • Giving you the knowledge you need to get closer to your dream of getting pregnant


3. First Response Pregnancy Test - Discover your pregnancy with the rapid accuracy of the First Response Pregnancy Test, boasting a 99% accuracy from the day of your expected period, First Response delivers a ‘first to detect’ technology that is able to detect minute amounts of the HCG hormone as early as six days prior to your missed period. Through the deliverance of rapid results, it empowers mothers to be to commence early prenatal care ensuring the optimal health and support for both the mother and the growing baby.


4. Digital Basal Thermometer - The Digital Basal Thermometer is specifically designed for women trying to get pregnant. By charting your basal body temperature (BBT) every morning you can track your ovulation patterns

  • Celsius basal thermometer reads to 2 Decimal Places (e.g. 37.00).
  • Peak-temperature indicator sound.
  • Perfect for fertility charting
  • Includes FREE ovulation chart & user manual