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Product Description

The Ferti Lily Conception Cup is an innovative, hormone-free, affordable conception aid that will help increase your chances of getting pregnant faster. Inserted into the vagina after ejaculation, the Ferti Lily pushes semen towards the cervix (the opening of the uterus), cradling the sperm in the protective environment of the cervical mucus. This way, more sperm cells survive and more of them can swim up into the uterus. And the more sperm cells enter the uterus, the higher the chances that one of them will reach and penetrate the egg - thus increasing the odds of conception.


  • Helpful when trying conceive at home
  • Designed to deliver as much sperm as possible directly to the cervix
  • Re-usable for up to 6 cycles
  • Soft, flexible, 100% Medical grade silicone
  • Manufactured in Switzerland
  • Hormone-Free
  • Easy to use and comfortable to wear
  • The Ferti Lily Cup can remain in place for up to 1 hour

FAQ’s on Ferti.Lily

What is the FERTI.LILY Conception Cup?

The FERTI·LILY is a hormone-free conception cup that can be used from the comfort of your home to help increase the chances of conceiving. Made from soft silicone, it can be comfortably inserted after sex and is designed to push the sperm towards the cervix. The more sperm that reach the cervical mucus, where they are protected, the more of them survive for longer, increasing the chances of more sperm cells swimming into the uterus towards the egg. In turn, this gives you a better chance of getting pregnant.

How can the FERTI.LILY help me to conceive?

By placing the sperm cells closer to the cervix after intercourse, conception cups can increase the amount of sperm cells that reach the cervix, decrease the distance sperm cells have to swim to enter the cervix, and protect the sperm from the hostile pH of the vagina. Studies have shown that using a cervical cup after intercourse can increase the amount of sperm cells that swim into the cervical mucus by more than 300%. Conception cups have been used by gynecologists and specialists since the 1950’s to help increase the chances of success with donor sperm. The conception cup has now been redesigned by FERTI·LILY so that couples can use them from the comfort of their home to increase their chances of conception.

How do I insert the FERTI.LILY?

Have sex with your partner (without using any contraception). After he has ejaculated inside you, you can insert the cup by turning it inside out to look like an umbrella. With one finger inside the upturned cup, gently push it into your vagina until it reaches the top (your cervix). Once it is in place, gently tug the stem to pop the cup back the right way round. The cup acts as a cradle for the sperm, keeping it in place, leaving you free to do whatever you want. No need to lie with your legs in the air: you can get up and walk around, go to the toilet, take a shower, or simply drift off to sleep. After 20-60 minutes, you can remove and wash the cup.

After intercourse the vagina is generally well lubricated and also larger than normal, so usually it is not uncomfortable to insert or remove the FERTI·LILY. If you are having trouble inserting or removing the cup it helps to fold it up like a menstrual cup when you are inserting it. Once it is past the entrance it will open up and you can push it towards the cervix. Similarly, when you remove it you can use your fingers to fold the cup while it’s still inside to make it smaller for removal.

How long can I use the FERTI.LILY?

The FERTI·LILY Conception Cup can be re-used for up to six cycles, on the basis that you use the cup roughly three times per cycle (so up to 18 times). Any longer than this and the silicone may deteriorate, so replace the cup when you have completed your sixth cycle. Should you notice any signs of deterioration or damage to the silicone at any point, such as a tear, unusual odour, or discolouring, discard the cup and replace it. A cup in poor condition can cause irritation, break or may harm sperm.

Can I sleep with the FERTI.LILY in?

We do not recommend sleeping with the cup still in. While the silicone is very safe, the cup is not intended or indicated to keep in overnight. 

In our data we see that the biggest effect of sperm cells swimming into the cervical mucus takes place within 20 minutes and after an hour there is not much benefit in keeping the cup in place. t.

Can I have sex with the cup inside?

Whilst it is technically possible to have sex whilst wearing the cup, you may accidentally dislodge the cup and you will probably find the stem gets in the way. However, you can still enjoy non-penetrative sex. In fact, having an orgasm can actually help you conceive, so if you’ve inserted the cup already but haven’t yet had an orgasm, it’s a good idea to try.

Do I have to remove the FERT.LILY to go to the toilet?

No. You can still urinate or have a bowel movement with the FERTI·LILY Cup inside you.

Does silicone do anything to your body or hormones?

No. The FERTI·LILY Conception Cup is made from medical grade silicone, which is completely inert. It will not release any chemicals or hormones into your body.

How do I care for the FERTI.LILY?

The FERTI·LILY Conception Cup should be washed between each use according to the cleaning instructions provided in the box. Before first use, boil the cup in tap water of drinking quality or bottled mineral water. Do not add soap or detergent to the boiling water, as it may break down the silicone. A FERTI·LILY Conception Cup that is well looked after can be re-used for up to six cycles.

Why is there still liquid in the cup when it is emptied?

The cup is almost always filled with fluid afterwards. That is a collection of the plasma (the liquid in the ejaculate that contains the sperm) as well as cervical mucus. A lot of the sperm will have had the time to swim into the cervix, but there will always be liquid left behind. The good news is that if the cup is filled afterwards, you will be sure that you actually pushed the sperm to the cervix.


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