Zita West - Vitafem

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Zita West – VITAFEM

Recently awarded the Platinum Award for “Best Fertility Support 2014”, VITAFEM from world leading fertility and pregnancy specialist Zita West delivers a premium multi-vitamin and multi-mineral supplement specifically developed to enhance and support fertility, address nutritional imbalance and prepare the body for conception. Featuring 400ug of Folic Acid, increased levels of CoQ10, B vitamins, vital antioxidants and nutrients, including seven new fruit extracts that blend to to meet the needs of an inadequate diet, stress and bring balance to the mind, body and spirit.


There are a variety of factors that influence your chances of a successful conception, from age, general health, stress as well as reproductive health such as sperm and egg quality. The more your body, mind and spirit is in balance the greater your chances of conceiving and likewise the healthier your baby is likely to be. VITAFEM is formulated to deliver premium multi-vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients that help to bring about this balance via a nutritional supplement. With a formulation that targets nutritional imbalances, your body is better equipped and supported to concieve naturally. VITAFEM is premium nutritional support for female fertility.

Directions for Use:

  • It is recommended that you begin taking VITAFEM three months prior to conception
  • Take one capsule, three times a day with food.
  • It is suitable for vegetarians.
  • If under medical supervision, seek guidance from your medical practioner before using this product.